Note on the Small Arms Rounds files: These are not totally finished yet, and may not contain all the different rounds that are fired by the weapons on other of these pages.  Terms like Pistol, Revolver, and SMG rounds mean that those rounds are by and large fired by those types of weapons, but other types of rounds may be fired by those weapons and vice-versa.  The Small, Medium, and Heavy-Caliber rounds are by and large rifle, automatic rifle, and machinegun rounds. 


Artillery Rockets

Autocannon Rounds

 Grenade Launcher Rounds

Howitzer Rounds

Large Caliber Gun Rounds

Mortar Rounds

Rimfire Small Arms Rounds

Pistol, Revolver, and SMG Rounds

Small-Caliber Small Arms Rounds

Medium-Caliber Small Arms Rounds

Heavy-Caliber Small Arms Rounds

Shotgun Shells

Special Weapons Ammunition

Surface-to-Air Missile Rounds